Qualification Aim:


Our workshops are run in a fun and informal environment to restore or improve your confidence and skills without the stress of an exam timetable.

  • Recently completed a BSL Level?
  • Completed BSL Level some time ago and out of practice?
  • Not yet confident to move up to the next BSL Level?

Why not join one of our Refresher Workshops?


Cost per session: £75 Qualification Objectives:  

For more info on private one to one tuition email: info@isld.org.uk

This is the extra practice and guidance you'll need to get you back into the Deaf Community and will help your confidence when it comes time to tackle the challenge of Level 3.

Level 1:

  • Brush up on units 101,102 and 103
  • Receptive finger spelling
  • Lipreading
  • Introduction to BSL Level 2 – the next step
  • Re – sit *

Level 2:

  • Receptive
  • Productive
  • Conversational
  • Re – sit *

* If you need to re – sit any exams, we can help with the arrangements, including assessing why you may have failed and devising a strategy to help you (for success). Tuition and re – sit fees tailored to your learning needs.